Friday, June 10, 2011

School Year 2011-2012 Classes Begin!

June 6--- My brother who is on his 3rd year on Physical Therapy has started their classes already for School year 2011-2012 at Davao Doctor's College, Philippines.It's another challenging year for him, for us and for the whole family when we're talking about tuition fees and another school expenses that may arises on the next couple days/months.

Sending someone to Physical Therapy School is very expensive. When he was enrolled on the end of May he was asked to provide 10,400 pesos for his enrollment fees so I had to wire him money so he could be enrolled. And now that he is officially enrolled and classes has officially started, there are 4 books that he needs to buy for the class. He told me that 4 books are only for the 4 subjects so meaning there are more books needed. He gave me the price tag of each book. One of them cost 5,000 pesos each and the rest are 2000-3000 pesos but not lesser than 1000pesos. I told him to buy the books next week as soon as I have the money. That's why I am working extra hours to pay all school expenses, not to mention my mom's medical exam for her visa,their board and lodging while they are in Manila, my sister's board review and so forth. I pray that God would give me strength and be healthy all the time.

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