Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shopping at Rue21

I have heard "rue21" before. I have visited their website couple times before just to browse what they had to offer. But, I have had not shopped in any of their outlet store because the nearest we have here is like an hour away from home. So, yesterday when we went to the nearest mall, I noticed the store right away after I got out from wet seal. I was convinced it wasn't there the last time we went to this mall last year and I was right. The cashier told my husband that it would be their 1st year on that mall next month (July), the day they opened.
So anyway, it was a right timing when we went their yesterday. They are on summer sale right now which most of their tops are only $3-$5 each. I bought couple tops for my size and my sister's size. Also I bought some accessories. I'm sure she would love them all. My husband also got himself 2 pair of jeans and couple of T-shirts for an affordable price.

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