Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Summer in Michigan

I've been here in United States for almost 6yrs and been living in Michigan the whole time. If I could remember, this has been the hottest summer here in Michigan. This whole week will be in the mid- 90's and could reach in 3 digits by the weekend. We don't have air conditioner in the house the whole time, but will be putting one anytime tomorrow. We have this high velocity blower fan that keeps the house cool plus the ceiling fans. But with the high temperature this coming days I think it's time to put our air conditioner. We just have to looked for it in the garbage where we stored the whole time since we moved in this place 3 summer ago.

I am used to the heat since I was born and grow up in the tropical country where the temperature could reached up to 100F. But summer in the Philippines is way different here. We had experienced drought when I was growing up where the soil is all cracked by dryness, where the water in the river dried and all the plants died. But despite the hotness, there's always breezed come from the ocean and from the air where it's fresh.

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