Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Approved! Yeah!!!

I am so glad that my incoming vacation was approved by our Director of Nursing. I understand that it is hard to find coverage while you are gone for vacation. As part of my work's policy we are required to request PTO not more than 6 months prior of the vacation starts. So last June I made a PTO request for a one month vacation so I could visit my family in the Philippines. On the request I put a note "visit Philippines". But it is not guaranteed to be approved unless you have itinerary of your trip. So as soon as I found the fare that meets my need, I made the reservation right away. The other day, I handed our scheduler my confirmed flight reservation which shows my name on it and the days that I would be gone. I was nervous at first because she told me that I should've ask for pre-approval first before making any reservation. But I heard from someone that if you make reservation already they have no choice but to approve your request especially when you'll be gone for long. In my situation, I had less to worry because I have more than enough vacation hours to cover plus another vacations hours I would accumulate while I'm gone. It would also shows on my records that I don't take too many vacations in one year.

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