Friday, September 16, 2011

Electronic Cigarette

Most of my co-workers are heavy smokers. But smoking is not allowed within 25 feet from the building because of health and safety issue. We know that it takes time and it can be hard to quit from smoking so most of the smokers that I knew are using alternatives. I know a few who used electronic cigarette as an alternative from real cigarettes. These E-cigar can be utilized without having the fear of harming other people around you through passive smoke.

According to people who smokes cigarettes e-cig performs just like a traditional cigarette because as they say it feels like, it looks like and it taste like a real cigarette. E-Cigarette help some people avoid real cigarettes. But it also helps smoker to quit from smoking. It is designed to deliver nicotine or other substances to the smoker in the form of a vapor.

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