Friday, December 30, 2011

High School Football

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez.

I love high school football. My son plays wide receiver at our local high school, and every Friday night is dedicated to watching the team play. I am a member of the booster club and I also run the teams website. We have clear internet through directv phone service, but the school has different provider. The website that I help to maintain has information about the team, coaches, schedule and other related information. One pretty cool idea I came up with was to have alumni and past players register online so the program could keep up with where past players currently are in life. It has been a big success. Almost fifty past players have signed up. There are doctors, lawyers and one ex- NFL who graduate from our local high school who have registered online. I love being a part of the football program. There is a great coaching staff in place, and this is a great community. Our second son is in the sixth grade, so we look forward too many more Friday nights spend at the high school football stadium.

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