Sunday, January 29, 2012

That was Easy

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I was pretty psyched when I realized Richland Hills has Direct Energy rates. It seems like an odd thing to be excited about, but honestly anything that makes my life easier makes me so happy. For example, when companies first started letting customers pay bills online, I did a small victory yell. I know it sounds extreme, but it allowed me to stop buying so many envelopes and stamps. I could stop worrying about sending the bill far in advance. Since the whole process was automated, it just took a little bit of those tedious tasks off my plate. For me, it is sort of like the “that was easy” button from Staples. Anything that makes me say, “that was easy” is wonderful in my mind. My mom always teases me for getting so excited for things like that. She equates it to how I used to get excited whenever she bought be a new toothbrush. Obviously, a company having their rates posted or allowing you to pay bills online is not the same as getting a new toothbrush. But for me, making something easy makes me happy.

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