Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pandora Internet Radio

When I had my ipod nano 2 yrs ago as Christmas present from my husband, I could only download songs if I buy them from itunes or if someone would share me their itunes musics and have me downloaded them on my ipod. My brother emailed me his downloaded songs from his laptop and I downloaded also to my ipod. A friend of mine also shared me her songs from her ipod. I wanted to have more songs in my play list but only if I would buy them on itunes which is usually $.99 cents per songs which I found it very expensive on my budget. I think, I have only used my ipod for less than a year because I am tired of listening the same music every time I played them.

Last year, I upgraded my wireless phone and got the new iPhone4 and purchased 2 GB data package. With that 2GB with WIFI, I could surf the net anytime I want, skype my family in the Philippines, do mobile banking and etc, or whatever I could do on my computer desk top I can also do it with my iPhone without extra charge per month.

One of the best thing for having an iPhone is having PANDORA.Pandora apps is free. It is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. I never thought I could get anything for free on today's generation. With Pandora I could listen unlimited music from different artist, genres and songs, whether it is new or old.

My brother has my iPod nano right now and have downloaded more songs and is enjoying it.

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