Monday, March 5, 2012

Clipix-Free Online Organizer

Every time  I browse on  different websites I always find it hard to remember the sites that I have visited. Sometimes I don't close the site so I won't forget it. When I do my shopping online, I also find it hard to retrieve   the items I saved when I decided to purchase the items.  But now, thanks to the free online organizer called,  clipix . I first heard about this site from someone on the web. As soon as I learned about this new tool, I immediately joined their community. I connected my facebook account to Clipix and I started clipping my favorite recipes and blogs that I have read, I really I did not have to sign up and put all my information again. With this new tool, I can clip anything I want as I browse the web, from interesting article I want to read, places I would like to visit, recipes I would like to try making, and etc.

I would encourage everyone to visit and sign up for clipix today. After you have sign up, install the "Clip" button by dragging to the bookmarks toolbar. Then, when you are browsing the web, click the "Clip" button to clip anything and put it on one of your clipboards.

I have attached an image of my clipboards which I am still working on it as I browse the web for interesting stuff to clip on my boards. Also, below the image is a Clipix YouTube video  you can watch to walk you through on how to get started with clipix and how this new free online organizer works.



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