Friday, March 30, 2012

Growing Interest

Guest post written by my buddy Franklin Davenport

This is the second year our five year old son is playing T-ball. He is so in love with everything about it from his new cleats to practice three times a week. He is even enjoying watching our favorite teams playing on DIRECTV and asking us if his team is on tv too. I think nothing would make him happier than seeing his little team all fighting for the ball at once on the big screen. Its hard to believe that how quickly he became a natural at the sport and he even sleeps with his baseball & glove. I have a feeling our lives will continue to revolve around his favorite sport. I can just see our weekends filled with one ballgame after another and our nights filled with baseball on the big screen. I suppose there are worst ways of spending our years. I’m looking forward to every inch of it from playoffs to banquets. Just to see the sheer joy on his face of his accomplishments and feel the pride swell in my heart. I love raising boys!

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