Saturday, April 14, 2012


 Thanks to my brother for the guest post!
For almost a year that I spent my time doing my task as a full-time medical student in complying different tasks from different subjects totally different from freshmen type of life that is not more bombarded with different topics from different chapters and references to study for a night only then followed by a quiz in the next day thus it's very relaxing to have a day of rest and not just a day of rest but a long day of rest. Basically what I'm doing during that day is that I'm compressing my activities to do should I say my all hobbies (e.g. sleeping, eating, surfing the net, malling and chatting with friends) considering a bulk of task and I'll also consider it as a reward for myself that I finished in a week bravely and diligently excluding from side problems as human being that students normally experiencing about it (blah blah blah :] ) and while relaxing and doing my hobbies I must be ready a day before the class will resume because everything will be back to reality and that is normal.

If I can speak on be half of the sentiments of my friends and classmates or even all students that it come to the extent that we even prayed and hoped to have a long day of rest for this and even in the point that we impossibly hope that the clock will stop for a moment especially if we given and bombarded with many tasks and to have many sleepless nights and only time that we can usually gain this is only weekends or special holidays declared by the government. Collectively, considering all the works and tasks that are finished for almost a year, should I say it is not sufficient to have only weekends, holidays, semester and Christmas breaks to unwind for the sake to overcome and face our own stresses in life. Actually all breaks will meet our demands but to unwind and relax freely for a longer period is only during summer before the next school year or semester will come and invade our student's life. Thanks GOD for the complete school year with honesty and integrity by your guiding love and blessings.


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